Beacon Sloop Club Broadside
Volume 37, Issue 1
January  2006
Serving The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater With Pride for 33 years

Amidst the bustle of inevitable coming changes in Beacon Harbor, our little sloop club is still a vital part of the waterfront.  As we enter the New Year, BSC is active on the City of Beacon Harbor Advisory Council, helping to create a harbor plan befitting all users. New users will come, and our goal is to maintain a safe and practical mooring for the Woody Guthrie so our sailing programs can continue.
This could be the year we realize our long held ideal of having more people enjoy and appreciate the Hudson River in a responsible and safe way.
            For those who missed the January general meeting, Sandra Kissam of the Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition (SPARC) spoke about the their recent legal victory which preserves and protects 1,600 acres of land near Stewart Airport from development. Sandra brought home the message of coalition building, perseverance, and total group focus on an issue. SPARC is living proof that success can be had by hard work, determination and focus. She and SPARC have literally altered the course of development in the Mid-Hudson area. For the whole scoop, check out
        Also, we were delighted that our friend and fellow Sloop Club member Marilyn Elie dropped by with news from the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC). She is feeling more and more hopeful about closing Indian Point as many more groups have come together to work toward this goal. She brought a new petition which many of us signed. The Sloop Club is part of IPSEC and they have a booth at many of our festivals...
          But enough environmental gossip. Let's start the New Year knowing we are strong, confident and in a good position to make things happen....this could be our best year ever!!!


The Beacon Sloop Club Broadside is the official monthly newsletter of the
Beacon Sloop Club, Inc.
The Beacon Sloop Club, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer environmental education/action and sailing organization dedicated to cleaning-up the Hudson River and itís environs.  Our main focus is the Beacon, Fishkill and Newburgh area.
Members meet the first Friday of every month at the Sloop Club Building located just across from the Beacon Train station.  Look for the building with the pine tree growing out of the roof!  A potluck dinner starts at 6:30, bring a covered dish to share and your own place setting.  The general meeting starts at 7:30 and lasts about an hour or so.  The meeting is followed by a sing-along.


NEXT EXEC. COM. MEETING IS TUESDAY, January 24th at 7:30


Henry Thurston & Dan Searles

for installing the new and improved fan into the multrum!!!


Nautical Word of the Month

Last monthís word challenge:  Hawser - A large rope or cablet, which holds the middle degree between the cable and towline, being a size smaller than the former, and as much larger than the latter; curiously, it is not hawser but cable laid.

Next monthís word challenge: Matthew Walker Knot

From "The Sailorís Word-Book:  An Alphabetical Digest of Nautical Terms,  by Admiral W. H. Smyth, 1867.


Newsletter Articles

The Broadside is always looking for interesting material pertaining to the Hudson River, local environmental issues and sailing.

Deadline:  Please send your articles to Joyce Hanson, editor, at by midnight the Monday after the monthly membership potluck. 

Remember to submit articles one month in advance.  For example, announce March events in the February newsletter.  Deadline for the February issue is Monday, February 6, 2006.

Info: (914) 907-4928


View from the Web
In 2005 we created a new Beacon Sloop Club web site and moved it to a new hosting provider. No more pop-ups after every click. You can visit the site at <>.  Read about the Woody winter maintenance project; see pictures of the work parties  progress.  Also, view the newsletter and other club information.

In 2006 we would like to spruce up the site with more relevant and up-to-date content, pictures of the Woody and various club activities. If anyone has pictures they think would look good on our site, especially pictures of the Woody Guthrie, please email them to Jim Birmingham at Thanks, Jim Birmingham


Sloop Club Carolers visit Nursing Homes
Residents of Windgate at Beacon and the Fishkill Health Center were treated to Christmas carols by members of the Beacon Sloop Club.  Accompanied by Creek Iverson on guitar and mandolin were Hedi Broetz, Karen Flahrety, Marcia Frahmen, Donnajean Gallery, Curtis Harvey, Aimee and Tom LaBarr, Phyllis Newham and Fran Sansome.  Appreciative residents joined in and made requests. Marcia suggested that we visit again in the spring.   If interested please contact Marcia at 831-5435.


Gourmet Lunch & Potluck*
Spring Work Party - Sunday, March 19,

Noon The Last Day of Winter

Featuring food prepared by famous (and not so famous) Beacon Sloop Club cooks, locally grown produce and live acoustic music by our very own...well, it's a surprise...

So, come eat, drink...we'll talk about what we'd like to do that day and in the future, spend a couple of hours working together and go our merry ways.

*  Bring a dish to share for 5-6, if you can...deserts and beverages welcome too. **Questions?  Sue Altkin 845-239-1405


Beacon Sloop Club Meeting Minutes, January 06, 2006
Phyllis Newman, President, presiding
as reported by Michelle Marcus
Meeting opened with Sue Altkin, Pete Seeger & Michael Skolnick singing Pete's "Quiet Early Morning".

Building Committee - The next Work Party will be held on 3/19/06 at 12pm.  A catered lunch will be provided to the workers. Sue Altkin, Building Committee Chairperson, can be reached at 845-239-1405 or  Sue also noted that the Bulletin Board will contain a monthly "must read" section, pointing out a great article that can be found on the BSC's magazine rack.
Hudson River Sweep - A volunteer is needed to help organize and coordinate the BSC's participation in the Scenic Hudson's Great Hudson River Sweep in April 2006.  The BSC's participation will be for one day during the week of 4/22/06 - 4/29/06.  Please contact Phyllis Newham to volunteer.
Announcements - If you have an announcement about an event please be sure to bring flyers containing the information to give out at the meeting (or at least write down the information on a sheet of paper) and to provide to the Board for inclusion in the Newsletter and the Website. All spoken Announcements, if any, must be kept very brief so we can keep the length of the meeting manageable.
Newsletter and Website - The Newsletter is now available on the Website. Members can opt out of receiving a mailed paper copy by contacting Tom LaBarr.  New membership applications will be made up to contain the opt-out option.  Jim Birmingham, our Web Master, is looking for photographs to use on the Website.  This includes club events, activities, sloop sails, etc.  Please contact Jim or e-mail him your photos.
Sloop Woody Guthrie - Kip Touraine said the Woody was at White's Marina and tarped.  Various maintenance projects are being planned and will be announced later.
Treasury - Jim Finnegan gave his report.  Please refer to the report in the newsletter for account balances.  He noted the Woody Deck Account monies garnered from the Arlo & Pete concert were not yet in the report due to the continuing discussions with the Riverpool group about an appropriate method of working this out.  Jim reminded members to renew - the suggested membership is $25.00.  The account noted bounced checks. The BSC is charged a $30.00 fee by the bank for each check we deposit that bounces.  Jim asked that all BSC Committee Heads provide him with their budget figures as soon as possible.
Harbor - The Mayor of Beacon has appointed Phyllis Newham to the City of Beacon Harbor Advisory Council.  Other members of the Council include Scenic Hudson, the Rivers & Estuaries Center, and others. Phyllis has contacted BSC's Harbor Master, Tony Monahon, to discuss how to go about advising the council on maintaining the Woody's status in the harbor and other matters.
Vendor Coordinator - Jane Shumsky advised that she needed assistance in setting up her vendor information in Microsoft Excel and asked for a volunteer who is familiar with this program to help her. Henry Fine volunteered, but he is often out of town, so others were encouraged to also volunteer their assistance.
Voting Standards -  Tom Baldino is concerned that the NYS Board of Elections is keeping information regarding voting standards and changes in the voting process secret.  He calls for greater oversight of testing with these proposed new systems.  He urged members to write to the Governor or the Board of Elections. Call Tom at 845-831-5435 for addresses.  For more information go to and on the web.
Guest Speaker - Sandra Kissam, President of the Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition (SPARC) informed us about the Stewart State Forest in the Town of Newburgh and the group's recent victory in adding about 300 acres to the Forest.  SPARC had some help from the rare and endangered Indiana Bats found inhabiting some of the acreage. You can read more information at   They also had help from their legal team and she noted that SPARC needs to raise funds to cover approximately $45,000 still owed on their legal bills.  They are selling commemorative lapel pins for $10 as a fundraiser.  Pins can be purchased by contacting SPARC at 845 564-3018 or on the internet at
Announcements - On Thursday, 1/12/06 at 6:30 pm, there will be a meeting of the Concerned Citizen Coalition at the Public Library on Main St. in Beacon.  The meeting concerns a discussion of Sexual Predators on the Internet. (Barbara McCaskill). The Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra will perform Peter and the Wolf and other musical works on Saturday, 1/14/06 at 7pm at the Newburgh Free Academy on Fullerton Ave in Newburgh. (Valerie Bynum).  The Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse will have a great show on Saturday 1/14/06 at the Memorial United Methodist Church, 250 Bryant Avenue, White Plains.  The coffeehouse is held the second Saturday of each month.  Their website ( reports that this month's performers are Greg Greenway and Housewives on Prozac.  The 2/11/06 show features Patty Larkin. (Edwin).  Marilyn Elie, opposing the re-licensing of Indian Point, passed around a petition.  She also spoke about the safety problems at Indian point.  Info:

Music - Aside from the usual singing & playing, Ellen Diamond presented a song she wrote about the Hudson River and Ingrid Heldt asked folks to sing along on her new song, "Raise Your Voice".



Environmental Education/Action  -  Stop the Leaks

The two primary routes by which heat escapes your home in winter and enters during the summer, are openings in and around walls, windows, and doors, and poorly insulated surfaces.

Air Leaks:  Since even small cracks and openings in walls can have the same effect on your home's energy efficiency as leaving a window open, sealing every opening is critical. It's also easy and inexpensive.
Weather-strip or caulk drafty window and door frames. Don't forget those in the basement or attic.
Caulk around openings where any of the following enter or exit your home: radiator pipes, water spigots, electrical and cable outlets, air conditioner hoses, dryer vents, and fuel and water pipes.
Stop under-door drafts by attaching a vinyl sweep to the bottom of doors, or simply block these openings with a "door snake" (a long cloth tube filled with sand) or rolled-up towel.
Be sure your fireplace is fitted with tight-sealing glass doors, and keep the doors and the flue damper closed when you're not using the fireplace. If you never use your fireplace, consider plugging the chimney and sealing the doors with caulk.

Insulation prevents the transfer of heat from heated areas of your home to unheated areas. Exterior walls are the most commonly insulated part of a home, but there are other areas where insulation is beneficial:

1) Floors and ceilings
The attic is a major source of winter heat loss (and summer heat gain), so insulating the attic floor will help make rooms below the attic more comfortable. By the same token, insulating basement and garage ceilings will benefit the rooms above those spaces.
2) Windows
If you don't have storm windows, install plastic film on the inside of your window panes. Curtains and blinds can also help prevent heat transfer; keep them closed on winter nights and hot summer days.
3) Heating systems
Add insulation around your water heater and around hot water pipes and heating ducts located in unheated spaces.

In fact, the efficiency gained by weatherizing can offset the up-front cost of weatherizing materials in just one year.

For more information:

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Buttoning Up Your Home

U.S. Department of Energy-Weatherization Assistance Program

Power House, Weatherizing Your Home

U.S. Department of Energy, Insulation and Air Sealing

U.S. Department of Energy-Weatherization Assistance Program


Important Notice about future Announcements at Meetings

WE LOVE… your Announcements, but to shorten the general meetings and get to the music quicker, we request that instead of waiting in the long queue for your time at the microphone, please bring a poster or flier to hand out at the meeting. We'll be glad to distribute it for you, or post in the newsletter, or on our website or all of the above. Please email to if you want your announcement in the newsletter, which will also be on our website. Otherwise, get a message to us some other way- (phone call? postcard?  winged messenger?)
We trust in your very fertile imaginations!               


December 26, 2005

To the 200 or more members of The Beacon Sloop Club:

Those of us signing this letter sincerely appreciate Tom LaBarr's long commitment to the Sloop Club. We certainly acknowledge his deep devotion both to the work of the Club and as a captain of the Woody. Similarly, Phyllis has been a fine president and worked tirelessly. And we support Tom's right to speak, but there is a proper time and place and a proper way of doing so. We are sorry so much work has fallen on Phyllis. It is clear that we in the club must make greater efforts to get and give the help our officers deserve.

However, reflecting upon the events of the last Sloop Club meeting, we have serious concerns about what occurred and how the meeting was conducted. We recommend that a By-Laws Committee be elected to review and consider revising the by-laws so that future nominations for officers will be made in September and October and discussed further in November.  Printed ballots should be in the November Broadside so that when ballots are counted by an impartial committee on Friday, Dec.8, 2006, the new Executive Board can meet and plan for 2007.

We must look forward to healing, to moving the Club forward and developing the ongoing processes that will ensure an atmosphere of easy participation, openness and growth. Our concerns and suggestions grow out of a deep respect, love and positive expectation about the Club. The Beacon Sloop Club has a great history and a promising future in working together working together to preserve the river and the diverse people of Beacon.

Fair winds to you all,

Richard Carlson, Cindy Cowden, Dorothy Dangerfield, Dr. David Eberle, Nora Hamond-Gallardo, Eugene Hamond, Connie Hogarth, Art Kamell, Clifford Seth Lebowitz, Michelle Marcus, Pete Seeger, Michael Sherker, Claudine Craig, Thomas Baldino, Jane Shumsky, Toshi Seeger, Dan Einbender