Beacon Sloop Club
Volume 34, Issue 1
January  2007
Serving The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater With Pride for 34 years
Message from Our President:

     There is the temptation to hit the old clichés at this time of year, but we do have a new year ahead with all its opportunities.  Reports of many exciting activities were presented at our last meeting; pick out one or two and pitch in to help.  Work on the new Woody deck is progressing well, but paying for it is a major concern - please help in raising the needed funds through personal donation, participating in the Woody Dinner, or soliciting in the community.  I can provide a letter on BSC letterhead outlining the deck project that can be used in approaching businesses that have community grant programs.

     In 2006 we had a banner year for festivals.  Phyllis Newham will kick off the 2007 season as Chair of the Strawberry Festival.  She and other "old-timers  know how it is done.  The rest of us need to step up, assist, learn, take on responsibilities and keep these traditions going.  Festivals and the Woody are the primary outreach activities of our organization.  They operate in unison, but the fundamental truth is that festivals are the boiler that drives the engine.  More members need to become involved.  We are working hard to get a calendar in place for all Sloop Club activities so there are no last minute surprises.  Check out the proposed dates listed in the minutes and free up as many dates as you can.  BSC needs you!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



The Beacon Sloop Club Broadside is the official monthly newsletter of the Beacon Sloop Club, Inc.
The Beacon Sloop Club, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer environmental education/action and sailing organization dedicated to cleaning up the Hudson River and its environs.  Our main focus is the Beacon, Fishkill and Newburgh area.
Members meet the first Friday of every month at the Sloop Club Building located just across from the Beacon train station.  Look for the building with the pine tree growing out of the roof!  A potluck dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.; bring a covered dish to share and your own place setting.  The general meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. and lasts about an hour or so.  The meeting is followed by a sing-along.

The Beacon Sloop Club is now accessible from the web:


NEXT EXEC. COM. MEETING IS TUESDAY, Jan. 23rd, 7:30 p.m.
At John McLaughlin's house (for directions see Announcements below)


Please submit articles by the 1st Monday after the Friday meeting for the for the
Beacon Sloop Club Broadside to


Woody Guthrie Benefit Dinner
Saturday, February 3rd

At the River Terrace Restaurant,
2 Beekman Street, Beacon

Proceeds are for the Woody's new deck

Live music, door prizes

Donation:  $50 per person

Reservations required.  Deadline is January 20th.
Space is limited.  Reserve now.
For information, call Phyllis Newham at 845-831-6962.


Sloop Clearwater's first annual

Come celebrate the rising of the sap and the turning of the season with
Beacon High School Steppers
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion
Richie Havens
Pete Seeger

Saturday, March 24 at 8 p.m.
Beacon High School Auditorium

(wheelchair accessible)
101 Matteawan Rd., Beacon, NY
Tickets 2/1:  $25, $35, $50
Available at Brown Paper Tickets:
00-838-3006 or
Information & special sponsorship tickets
Available at, 845-454-7673


S.O.S. (Save Our Sloop) Woody Guthrie!

We would like to encourage you to make a tax deductible donation in any amount to the Beacon Sloop Club S.O.S. to help with completion of Phase II: replacing of the deck.  For a donation of $125.00 or more, you will receive limited edition Woody 10 oz. hooded pullover sweatshirt with front pouch pocket.  Color choices are black, forest green, navy blue, royal blue, maroon or Texas orange.   Please make check payable to "Beacon Sloop Club S.O.S.  and mail it to: Beacon Sloop Club/SOS Campaign, P.O. Box 527, Beacon, NY 12508.  For donations of $125.00 or more, please include your size and preferred color choice.


Every Sunday Farmers Market
at the Beacon Waterfront 10-4pm

Simply Valley
All Local Hudson Valley Products
Sprout Creek Farm Cheeses
(Toussaint and Ouray Cheese)
Fresh made Lamb, Mushroom Spring Rolls
Fresh Made Pasta
Mario's Brick Oven Bread
Mary Finger Organic Free Range Eggs

Special Large Quantity orders call 845-562-0192



Every Sunday Farmers Market
at the Beacon Waterfront 10-4pm

Simply Valley
All Local Hudson Valley Products
Sprout Creek Farm Cheeses
(Toussaint and Ouray Cheese)
Fresh made Lamb, Mushroom Spring Rolls
Fresh Made Pasta
Mario's Brick Oven Bread
Mary Finger Organic Free Range Eggs

Special Large Quantity orders call 845-562-0192

Kazi Oliver Drummers & Dancers

Friday, January 19 at 7 p.m.
at the Paramount Center for the Arts,
1008 Brown Street, Peekskill, NY

Admission:  $20 for adults; $10 for children

For tickets or information
Call (914) 739-2333



Beacon Sloop Club Executive Meeting
December 26, 2006

Phyllis Newham, president, presiding.

Present:  Phyllis Newham, Tom LaBarr, Kip Touraine, Saul Rozinski, Betty Harkin, Linda Beatty, Jim Finnigan, Jim Birmingham, John McLaughlin, Ron Bel

Jim Birmingham confirmed as Woody Captain.
Gail Robinson confirmed as Captain-in-training; Bob Torsello confirmed as Mate.

Strawberry Festival will be headed by Phyllis Newham.
Discussion of festival\event dates with emphasis on getting calendar in place early.  See BSC minutes for proposed festival dates and other events.

Discussion of problems at Revival with set up for Woody guest sails and some BSC tent problems.  John will make some calls to correct problems for this year.  John will get on Clearwater meeting agenda and improve our coordination with Clearwater events.
Kip Touraine will move Woody Raffle up to earlier in year.

Garrison Arts Council event will probably be some time in August.  John or Kip will call them.  Cornwall has invited us to their event.

Added Renewable Energy to list of official Committees with Saul as Chair.  Saul gave overview of proposed activities and budget needs.

Discussion of Woody Deck Project.  Just received another bill from Scarano for $10,600.  Check for $5,000 from HRIF has not arrived and John will call them. Intermediate shortfalls in BSC funds will be covered by BSC members who have agreed to advance funds.  We will know outcome of pending grant request by mid-January.

Concurrence on bringing the Woody back down ASAP by truck after deck completed to save money and facilitate maintenance.

Discussion of Woody Dinner.

Discussion of how to get better publicity for BSC events, etc., particularly on west side of river.

Jim Finnigan did not have the budget ready for us to review as all information has not been obtained.  John will ask for input at January meeting.  Will try to have budget for presentation at February meeting.

Jim Finnigan has turned over all information re Treasury to Linda Beatty and she and John have signed cards for the Wachovia Accounts.

Moved Board meeting time to 7:00 pm.  Kept same meeting schedule.  Next meeting January 23 at John McLaughlin’s condo.  Call 542-0721 for directions.

Submitted by John McLaughlin


Word of the Month
Environmental Report

Sorry folks!  There will be no Environmental Report and no word of the month this month.  Tom LaBarr is on vacation.



How to get to John McLaughlin’s house for the next Executive Meeting: 
John’s address is 1011 Maggie Road, Newburgh, N.Y. 
From US 84 going west, turn off on Hwy 52 at Exit 8.  Follow 52 north to the intersection with Hwy 300.  Continue west on 52 for about ¾ mile and pass under US 87 (NY Throughway).  Continue about ¼ mile and turn left on Meadow Wind Lane.  Drive up the steep hill and take the first left onto Maggie Road (sign says Highland Village).  Condo is toward the middle of the first unit on your left. 
From US 87, exit at Newburgh and take 300 north to intersection with 52. 
In general, make your way to the intersection of 300 and 52 and take 52 west.

Festival Coordinators needed:  Phyllis Newham has kindly consented to coordinate the Strawberry Festival for this year.  The Club is still looking, however, for volunteer coordinators for the other festivals.  Please let John McLaughlin know if you have an interest in trying this job.


Beacon Sloop Club General Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2007

John McLaughlin, President, presiding.

Opening:  Pete Seeger rallied the group in song to commemorate Martin Luther King Day on 1/15/07.  Thanks were extended to the group for support by newly elected President John McLaughlin who passed out 30 copies of a paper agenda.  It was suggested that, to conserve paper, future agendas be placed on the dry erase board.  Pres. McLaughlin reported that the Hudson River Improvement Fund Grant for $5,000 for the 1999-2000 year has been awarded after the signed contract was submitted.  A $20,000 grant has been applied for, and we'll know by mid January.  Anyone interested in helping with writing and obtaining grants should contact Pres. McLaughlin.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Linda Beatty reported: $10,147.15 in the Sloop Account.  John McLaughlin suggested adoption of a 2007 budget be considered at the February meeting and budget requests must be made before the next Executive Committee meeting.

Woody Report:  Capt. Kip Touraine passed out pictures of the Woody's new deck; the goal is to finish repairs and then place the boat back at White's Marina.  Jim Birmingham was announced as a new Captain, Gail Robinson as a Captain-in-Training and Bob Torsello as Mate.  Capt. Touraine also mentioned that the docks are now more accessible, and raising harbor fees from $100 should be considered.

Woody Dinner & Fundraising:  A Woody fundraiser dinner is being held on Sat., Feb 3rd. (see ad in this newsletter).  Tickets are $50.  Other donations to the Save Our Sloop fund are welcome.  Approximately, one half of each ticket price will go for repairs on the Woody.  Woody sweatshirts are available to recognize larger donations.

Firewood Cutting:  Latest team included Ron Bel, Herman Buckholtz, Ira McIntosh, Pete Seeger and Lou Sebesta.  Those interested in helping should meet the day of the monthly meeting around 3pm. Call Lou at 831-20539(HOME) OR 831-8780 X316(WORK).

Renewable Energy Report:  Saul Rozinsky, head of the Renewable Energy Committee, reported on the exciting area of windmill power and an article in Electric Design News.  Rozinsky indicated the need for an insulated battery box and charging Woody batteries over the winter.  Discussion brought up the fact that even Walmart is involved in saving energy by selling/installing solar panels and screw-in electric florescent bulbs.

Membership Committee:  Capt. Tom LaBarr said that membership renewals are due this January at $25 ($10 for students, seniors and those with low income). The color BLUE in the corner of your newsletter means that it's time to renew.  The color RED indicates that this is your last newsletter unless you pay your dues!  Harbor fees are stated to be $100 plus 20 hours of work.

Youth Sail Program:  Member Vivian Wortham is working on program to involve youth.  Kip Touraine and Mark Siegler of The Children's Place are also interested in being involved.

Fishkill Ridge Caretakers:  Capt. Tom La Barr and Peter Rostenberg reported that the DEC is allowing mining, but that at least the organization has been made aware of the potential for pollution of the aquifer.  The DEC will have monitor stations for wells.  Rostenberg stated that the DEC tolerates water degradation. See report elsewhere in Broadside.

Clearwater Report: Contact or Jeanine at the Clearwater office, 454-7673, if interested in an educator's position from April thru the summer.  The position pays $100/week plus room and board on the boat.  Global warming is to be made a part of the Clearwater's Education Program.  Volunteers are needed for winter work on the boat in Saugerties.  Pres. McLaughlin suggested that there be more communication between the Clearwater and Beacon Sloop Club. Members approved a Beacon Sloop Club table at the Clearwater Fundraiser Concert with Richie Havens and Pete Seeger on Sat. March 24th at Beacon HS at 8PM.

Pres. McLaughlin remarked that the club's 501(c)(3) status is in need of review and that the taxes for the past five years are in the progress of being filed.

Members were informed of a law suit against the Sloop Club and City of Beacon by a kayaker who slipped in 2005 on the boat launch.

Festival dates were suggested: June10-Strawberry Festival with Phyllis Newham as organizer; August 12-Corn Festival; Oct.14-Pumpkin Festival; June 2- Woody participation in the Cornwall Festival with Capt. Kip Touraine.  Suggestions was made for a July 4th Booth\Sing\Woody Sail.  Participation in a festival at Garrison and with Revival will also be scheduled.

Respectfully submitted by Francesca Sansone.


Fishkill Ridge Caretaker Update

The Sloop Club was on mission in 1999 when some of its members answered the call for volunteers to protect the waters around Fishkill Ridge, and to stop the Montfort family’s  Sour Mountain  quarry proposal that sought to blast 52 million tons of rock from the Route 9 side of Fishkill Ridge.  The Fishkill Ridge Caretakers (FRC) formed as the result of your responses at that meeting.

Our first act was to install a 150  long day glow banner from trees located high on the side of Fishkill Ridge next to the so-called Sour Mountain.  We did that to get the public’s attention, and we succeeded.  The presence of eastern timber rattlers and the well-funded persistence of Scenic Hudson defeated, for now, this proposal.

In 2001, the Montforts sought a new permit to extract sand and gravel from below the waterline at its Southern Dutchess Sand & Gravel mine located between Route 9 and the Ridge.  It is traditional for the DEC to approve these applications.

We and friends protested because the mine was located one mile away and uphill from one of the region’s major public water supplies; the community wells are located near the north entrance of Clove Road, just south of the new Home Depot.

The case was decided in favor of the mine on December 16, 2006.  During the entire multi-year effort, BSC members gave us tremendous emotional and financial support.  Thank you, thank you.  As the result of our efforts the DEC took a much ‘harder  look than usual at this mine proposal.

FRC will continue to try to protect water quality in the Town of Fishkill’s "Critical Environmental Area #6.   This designation was established by a previous Town administration in recognition of the hydrogeologic vulnerability of the lands on either side of Route 9 from the Putnam County line to north of I-84.

How can you help?  On January 16, the Fishkill Zoning Board of Appeals will consider enlarging redi-mix concrete silos located across the highway from Lisikatos Construction Company.  Try to attend the meeting.  In 1995, the ZBA originally granted a variance to open a redi-mix plant at that location, allowing two trucks to operate.  The Planning Board expanded the parking lot to permit about 14 trucks.  The new Fishkill Comprehensive Plan draft apparently has CEA#6 as an industrial zone.  But CEA#6 must not be industrialized.  Listen, talk, and go to meetings.  We will keep you posted.

Peter Rostenberg, President
Fishkill Ridge Caretakers


Progress of the Woody Guthrie's New Deck

The Woody is expected to have her beautiful new deck completed in time for the 2007 sailing season.  More updates to follow in later issues of the Broadside.

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