Beacon Sloop Club
Volume 34, Issue 4
April  2007
Serving The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater With Pride for 34 years

Message from Our President:

     The announcement at our last meeting that we have received a grant from Wal-Mart elicited a buzz in the audience.  Wal-Mart employs about one in every 100 working persons in the US and is a logical target for its employee relations and marketing practices.  What is interesting to me is that this company often is a very good bell weather of the behavior of the buying public and anticipated directions of governmental regulation.  Wal-Mart is a leading merchandiser because it does a better job of gathering data and reacting to it than most of its competition.  Therefore, anything the buying public does affecting the bottom line is going to get a reaction from Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart is greatly increasing its marketing of green products because its data tells it this is where the public is headed.  Wal-Mart is greening up the way it runs its corporation because it sees economic advantage and it wants to be out ahead of its competition when regulations mandate change.

     This is a great example of the Beacon Sloop Club credo that to act locally can cause change on a wider scale.  If you buy green, smart companies will sell green.  If you elect environmentally aware politicians to office, smart companies will react to the changing political scene.

     Keep up the pressure!  The new bottle bill did not make it into law in Albany, but it is not dead.  Convince your local representatives in Albany that it is in their best interest to vote for good green bills like this.  Local zoning regulations are either weak or being skirted by County and City\Town governments allowing developments to be accomplished in ways that threaten our beautiful river and the health of our water supplies.  Keep the heat on for local change in government that will protect our environment!  Be aware and act locally to preserve this beautiful Hudson Valley.  In so doing, you help preserve the Earth.

     Do join your fellow Sloopers at the River, April 21st to welcome Clearwater back to Beacon harbor and to demonstrate your commitment to better stewardship of our Earth.




The Beacon Sloop Club Broadside is the official monthly newsletter of the Beacon Sloop Club, Inc.
The Beacon Sloop Club, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer environmental education/action and sailing organization dedicated to cleaning up the Hudson River and its environs.  Our main focus is the Beacon, Fishkill and Newburgh area.
Members meet the first Friday of every month at the Sloop Club Building located just across from the Beacon train station.  Look for the building with the pine tree growing out of the roof!  A potluck dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.; bring a covered dish to share and your own place setting.  The general meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. and lasts about an hour or so.  The meeting is followed by a sing-along.

The Beacon Sloop Club is now accessible from the web:


NEXT EXEC. COM. MEETING IS TUESDAY, April 24th, 7:30 p.m.
Potluck at 6:30 p.m.


Please submit articles by the 1st Monday after the Friday meeting for the for the
Beacon Sloop Club Broadside to


at the sloop club         9:30 a.m. to Noon
for a picnic lunch after the the work
and music to share and enjoy

Come for an hour or stay through lunch
Indoor and outdoor stuff to do
We'll supply gloves, tools and rags....
Questions?  Call Sue at 845-239-1405




Every Sunday Farmers Market
at the Beacon Waterfront 10-4pm

Simply Valley
All Local Hudson Valley Products
Sprout Creek Farm Cheeses
(Toussaint and Ouray Cheese)
Fresh made Lamb, Mushroom Spring Rolls
Fresh Made Pasta
Mario's Brick Oven Bread
Mary Finger Organic Free Range Eggs

Special Large Quantity orders call 845-562-0192





Beacon Sloop Club Executive Meeting
March 27, 2007

Attending:  John McLaughlin, Sue Altkin, Linda Beatty, Betty Harkin, Ron Bel, Pete Seeger, Joyce Hanson, Jane Schumsky, Kip Tourraine,  Phyllis Newham, Tom LaBarr.

The renovation of the BSC clubhouse roof was discussed, and Sue made arrangements for some advanced funding for materials and for payment of Bill Hudson, who will head up the skilled carpentry work.

Upcoming festivals were discussed.  Jane has sent out around 300 notices to vendors, and Tom LaBarr is working closely with Dan Einbender regarding environmental displays at the Earth Festival.  Pete indicated that it had been about ten years or so since Clearwater last docked at Beacon and further discussion seemed to indicate that it has been at least seven years.  In any case John is working with Ron Aja and Dan Einbender to coordinate this event.  John will solicit help for this event at the general meeting.

Phyllis discussed needs for the Strawberry Festival and will solicit help at the next general meeting.

Kip indicated that the Woody will be trucked back to White's on Wednesday, April 28, and winter\spring maintenance activities will begin.

Spring Splash was discussed.  John indicated that BSC donated the program, as ad sales were very small.  BSC made over $1,000 at the event.  Linda does not yet have all information to produce a final figure.  BSC had a very positive presence with much public inquiry about our activities and some SOS donations and membership applications.  The granola bars and spritzers left from this activity will be sold at future festivals.  Tom LaBarr was given the go ahead to buy additional T-shirts with a
vintage eco-theme for sale at Earth Day and future events.

Pete requested that reports at the next meeting be given as compactly and directly as possible.

John McLaughlin




It was announced at the Beacon Sloop Club meeting that a new list serve went live just before the meeting… <>.  This entity provides Dutchess County citizens, students, elected officials, policy-makers and other interested parties with a place to speak with each other in an open forum.
The list serve is un-moderated, meaning there is no intermediary between the sender of an email and dutchess-environment's subscribers.  The list serve is free, there is no advertising, and response-time depends only on the speed of your particular server.
To subscribe, write in and follow instructions.

If you have questions, write me at  or call 203-733-0843.

Peter Rostenberg, BSC  & FRC

CPR and First Aid Training

Chris Ancliffe, Captain in Training on the Woody Guthrie, has arranged for a CPR instructor who will give classes in Beacon at $75 per person.  A class of 12-15 persons is required for this training to be offered.  Each Woody crew should have at least 2 or 3 people who have such training, and many other Sloopers are engaged in activities where such training will be of great benefit.  If you are interested, contact Chris at 845-633-0135 ( <>).  Let others know.  This is not limited to BSC members.


Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor - I write to support President McLaughlin's proposal that we all make our announcements more brief.  Heed these words of Dr. Seuss:
     "If you'd like your words to carry great strength, Use them with shorth.  Shorth is better than length."

                        Pete Seeger


Beacon Sloop Club General Meeting Minutes
April 6, 2007

John R McLaughlin, President, presiding.

May the Circle be Unbroken:  The excitement of having both the Clearwater, after a 10-year hiatus, and the Woody utilize Beacon Harbor was evident as our musicians opened with Pete Seeger leading us in his Down by the River song.  The original verses call for volunteers to help keep the two boats afloat.  Capt. Tom Baldino, described by Pete as a great picker on the guitar, played and sang On the Sunny Side of the Street. Many thanks to the Circle of Song musicians who begin and end our evening so joyfully.  They include:  Mike Skolnick, organizer; Sue Altkin, Tom Baldino, David Bernz, Scott Berwick, Walter Castle, Vinnie Ceringlia, Dan Einbender, Maryellen Healy, Ingrid Heldt, Kurt Hauck, Clifford Seth Lebowitz and Michael Meade.

Woody Report:  Capt. Jim Birmingham informed us that the Woody is back at White's Marina and that on-going work parties, which began Sun., April 1st, will be held each Sun. from 10 a.m. till mid-afternoon. There are jobs for all skill levels.  For more info on work parties, call Capt. Kip Touraine at (845) 534-8988.  Pres. McLaughlin reminded us that 15-20K should be raised each year to maintain the Woody.  Mary Scmaltz announced that she had two $50 donations and a $1000 donation from Walmart.  Steve VanderMerwe applied for and received a Swiss grant for 3000 francs (about  $2,500).

Harbor Report: Tony Monahan with BSC approval purchased a pontoon boat to maneuver moorings and docks.  This will greatly improve the safety and efficiency of harbor operations.  BSC members with paid moorings in the harbor will be setting moorings and conducting other harbor operations on Saturday, April 7.

Clearwater's Spring Splash:  BSC made over $1,000 by selling food, raffles and sloop items.  A special thanks was given to the Edmund Fitzgerald and Steve vanderMerwe families for their help in baking and selling items so efficiently.  A noted thank you was also given to Nature's Pantry for their donation of 20 cases of spritzers and 20 cases of water to sell.  Bakers/donors included:  students from Newburgh Free Academy, Rich Abrahams, Bonnie Finkenaur, Edmund Fitzgerald, Joyce Hanson, Kurt Hauck, Aimee La Barr, Liz Nedwell, Phyllis Newham, Bonnie Rozinsky, Fran Sansone, Jane Shumsky and Marie Young.
Building Committee: Vice President Sue Altkin
cleverly presented a radial tire found at the BSC and refilled with air thanx to Pete Seeger.  The tire was displayed on a draped chair with a wooden plaque that read Earth Ethic.  The plaque was found during the Sat. 3/31 work party and acts as a reminder that we should make our world better than we found it.  Anyone interested in the tire that appears to be in good shape can claim it.  Kurt Hauck volunteered 55 hours of his time helping to repair the roof and ceiling of the club and showed a video on his laptop of the repairs.  Liz Nedwell was mentioned for her devotion to always helping at work parties and for her part in cleaning the wood stove, children's area and Earth Day banner.  It should be noted that Ron Bell and Liz Nedwell always clean up after BSC Fri. meetings, which fits in with Sue's call for people to actively take an interest in maintaining our building.  Kurt Hauck stated that a piece of rubber roofing material is needed if anyone has some to spare.  Work Party volunteers included:  Sue Altkins, Lee Baudway, David Cohen, Betty Harkins, Kurt Hauck, Vane Lashua, Mark McCarroll, Liz Nedwell, Vanessa Posaver and Pete Seeger. The next work party is Sat., May 5, at 9:30 a.m., with a potluck afterward!

Strawberry Festival:  Phyllis Newham announced that it's not too early to volunteer for the annual fest on Sun., June 10, and passed around a clipboard with sign-up sheets.  Her motto was, "Keep flipping the pages; there's bound to be a job you'll like!"  Let's call Phyllis at (845) 831-6962 and help organize our biggest festival!  Betty Harkins announced that speakers will be featured at the Environmental Tent and include Andrew Revkin, environmental author, Pete Seeger, musician/activist, and Ned Sullivan, Scenic Hudson's Executive Director.

Clearwater Report:  Dan Einbender stated that the Spring Splash Concert on March 24th brought in about $25-26K.  Next is a combined Clearwater and BSC event, EarthDay2007, Sat., April 21st, at Beacon Waterfront, from 1-5pm.  Musicians include The Younger Sister Band, featuring Michelle Marcus, Dan Einbender, Victoria Raabin, Ingrid Heldt, Michael Meade, Mark McNutt and Ed Sikora.  BSC needs volunteers to bake and sell food for the EarthDay event.  Call Fran Sansone at (845) 565-6499.  Volunteers are also needed to set up the E-tent and assist with sales of merchandise and with environmental displays.  Call John McLaughlin (845) 543-0721.        

Clearwater needs volunteers to be trained for their Environmental Education programs. There will be training programs on Mon. 4/9 at 12:30PM at the Clearwater office, Tues., 4/10 at the Esopus Center and Sat. 4/14 at BSC around 3pm and after the Step-It-Up Bear Mountain Bridge demonstration. For info about more training programs contact Clearwater or Dan.

Step-It-Up Day at Bear Mountain Bridge to demand that Congress take action on the Climate Crisis is on Sat., April 14 at 10am.  Hudson Valley residents, including Congressman John Hall, with music and song, will link hands across the bridge.  Signs that call for global climate change are welcome!

The 17th annual RiverLoversShadfest will be held at Croton Point Park from 11am to 5pm on Sun, May 17.  Volunteers needed.  Chili makers needed.  Call 914 286-7679.

Fishkill Ridge Caretakers:  Peter Rostenberg announced a website that will allow everyone to make a statement about enviornmental concerns.  The website is
Dutchess-Environment@NPOGROUPS.ORG mailto:Dutchess-Environment@NPOGROUPS.ORG .

Riverpool:  Alan Zollner announced the arrival of the new structural floor tube to strengthen the pool.  Repairs of the swimming pool floor netting are being made.  The city of Beacon has agreed to insure the RiverPool, and the pool has its own liability insurance as well.  Life guards will be hired thru RiverPool at a salary commensurate with experience.  Jim Schumm was praised for his work on the website and his layout for the Spring Splash program.  June 9th is set for placing the pool back in the Hudson on the north shore of Riverside Park.  After the Health Inspector's approval, the pool should be operative by July.  The annual River Swim is set for Aug. 5th.  Details are on the web about the mile long swim.
Sail Class will begin on Thursday, May 3 from 7-9 p.m. for 8 weeks at BSC.  $50 registration includes the textbook.  Interested parties should contact Capt. Tom Baldino at 845 831 5435.  Capt Baldino stated that the Woody should be back in the water by the end of the course.

SOS FundCapt. Tom la Barr is ready to mail out or distribute sweatshirts that were ordered prior the Spring Splash on Mar. 24th

Clearwater Fundraiser: Sun. April 22, 7pm PAUL WINTER'S Missa Giaia (Earth Mass) will be performed at Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie under the direction of Dr. Laura Russell.  Contributions will be accepted at the door.  Musicians from Dutchess County Community College and the church's choir will perform.  For more info see or call 845 485-1648.

Respectfully submitted, Francesca Sansone


The Woody Report

The Ferry Sloop Woody Guthrie was trucked back to White's Marina Wednesday, March 28.  Y'all missed the opportunity to see the Woody doing double nickels on the freeway (might have been faster, but the police may be monitoring this). Don White exercised much ingenuity to find a spot for her back at her usual winter home. You may find her at different locations in the yard during April and May, as they will probably have to move her once or twice to accommodate yard operations.The new deck has been sanded and oiled and regular winter/spring maintenance has begun.  In addition to the usual stuff, we will be tearing off the old cockpit sole, inspecting and repairing the center board trunk, and installing a new cockpit sole using the same high grade fir planking that now makes up the main deck.  Deck fittings have to be reset and replacements for some fittings need to be manufactured.  Jimmy Goergen is making the new tiller.Work parties are forming -- you may want to check with your Captain in this regard.  Captain Jim Birmingham (201-259-9634) has prepared a comprehensive spreadsheet of work to be done and has begun to assign responsibilities.  Regular work parties are held each Sunday, beginning around 10:00 am.  There are always jobs regardless of skill level.  Sanding, painting, tarring, fetching, carrying, and oiling are ongoing job needs.  More skilled carpentry jobs need to be done, as well.  There is usually a work party on Tuesday evenings.  (Call Captain Patrick 845-518-0415 for details).   We will be scheduling a work party at the BSC clubhouse parking lot to clean up life vests.  The time for this will be announced soon. 
John McLaughlin


    Nautical Word of the Month
Last month's word challengeHawse:  This is a term of great meaning.  Strictly, it is that part of a vesselís bow where holes are cut for her cables to pass through.  It is also generally understood to imply the situation of the cables before the shipís stem, when she is moored with two anchors out from forward, one on the starboard, and the other on the port bow.  It also denotes any small distance between her head and the anchors employed to ride her, as "he has anchored in our hawse,   "the brig fell athwart our hawse.   Also, said of a vessel a little in advance of the stem; as, she sails athwart hawse, or has anchored in the hawse.  If a vessel drives at her anchors into the hawse of another she is said to "foul the hawse  of the vessel riding there; hence the threat of a man-of-warís-man, "If you foul my hawse, Iíll cut your cable,  no merchant vessel being allowed to approach a ship-of-war within certain limits, and never to make fast to the government buoys. 
A bold hawse is when the holes are high above the water.  "Freshen hawse,  or "veer out more cable,  is said when part of the cable that lies in the hawse is fretted or chafed, and more should be veered out, so that another part of it may rest in the hawse.  "Freshen hawse  also means, clap a service on or round the cable in the hawse to prevent it from fretting; hemp cables only are rounded or cackled.  Also, a dram after fatiguing duty.  "Clearing hawse,  is untwisting or disentangling two cables that come through different holes, and make a foul hawse.
Next month's word challenges:  AthwartFrom The Sailor's Word-Book:  An Alphabetical Digest of Nautical Terms, by Admiral W. H. Smyth, 1867.                                                                Submitted by Tom LaBarr


(continued from last month...)

Aha! The Strawberry Committee is putting together the clues.  We will be meeting with Lt. Frost of the Beacon Police Dept.--to discuss traffic control and safety issues (not mayhem or unsavory enterprises).

Jane Shumsky reports that vendor letters have gone out for all 2007 festivals--next year the vendors will all be signing up online.  Joyce Hanson will again be doing publicity as well as whipped cream, although not at the same time.

Permits will be coming from the City of Beacon Parks and Recreation Dept., as well as the Dutchess County Dept of Health.  A member has volunteered to apply and submit the required insurance certificates and other forms. That same person has a phone and will also order the porta jons and the dumpster.
Our festival music is in place thanks to Nancy Cahill, who does a fabulous job of coordinating the Earth Stage.  This year there will also be a childrenís area, put together by Jane Shumsky.  It will feature storytelling, songs, music and facepainting.  Another piece of the puzzle is the water and electrics, managed by Saul Rozinsky.  Our stage runs by solar power but the electric mixers for the whipped cream need, well, electricity...

Dona Crawford will be the Under-the-tent Troubleshooter, and Beth Partridge will coordinate the serving of Outrageously Good Shortcakes.  The Whipped Cream Team is in place with Connie, Joyce and Claudine.  Biscuits, slicing and hulling, sweetening and baking are all still wide open for opportunities.  Nora and Eugene Hammond will be setting up the smoothie booth.

A few folks have volunteered to be in the park for setup on Saturday and also for Sunday, but more hands are needed. Can you spare an hour or two?  EVERY BODY NEEDS A BREAK, too.  So call me up, tell me you can come on down.  Plan on having a good time while learning the Secrets of Festivals firsthand.  845-831-6962.  Phyllis



This extraordinary song was written by Jean Valla McEvoy around 1994 when her 5-year-old daughter said, "Mom, you havenít written a song about the Hudson yet."

Iím hoping that thousands will get to know it with all its syncopations.  Hereís the chorus and Jeanís original first verse and my 2nd and 3rd verses.
                                Old Pete Seeger


1.        You may be feeling cramped and crowded
You may be feeling restless and bored
I know a place thatíll cure what ails you
Leave you refreshed and leave your mind restored  (Chorus)

2.        This little sloop club bids you welcome
Potluck supper, first Friday each month
6:30 food then 7:30 meeting
8:30 or 9, itís a circle of song.  (Chorus)

3.        Would you like to learn to sail?
Then join up with the Woody
It doesnít cost money, it takes volunteers
A 30 foot version of the big Clearwater
And good fellowship throughout all of the year!  (Chorus)